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Project Description

ZiZi | 孜孜


The design graduate Kwok Ka Lok has very strong attachments to his paternal lineage, so much to the degree that he needs to commit himself to a visual documentation of his family business – Lung Feng Kitchen – through the photo book ZiZi.

ZiZi, literally “diligently” in Chinese, a title that represents Ka Lok’s tribute and respect to the hard work of his father and grandfather for running and maintaining the Chinese kitchen. When the「DesignXcel」team checked with Ka Lok about the photo book, he revealed that it is actually the family heritage recipe of the Lung Fung’s signature dish the braised goose. It is no secret that Chinese cuisines are always filled with complicated steps and long procedures. The team helped him complete this rebranding project of his own family restaurant through exposing ZiZi online and at the「DesignXcel」exhibition.

ZiZi features the specially patterned arrangement of the braised goose’s ingredients. Its recipe is recomposed by Ka Lok’s father from his grandpa’s cooking. Therefore, it becomes a fusion of Hakka and Chiu Chow style. Transforming the recipe into a photo book, Ka Lok directs the audience to read the repeated and similar photos of ingredients by structure, in an attempt to stimulate the audience’s sensory memory, especially taste.

Reading his photo book is also a way of reinforcing his memories and appreciation for the efforts put into improving the dish. He hand-crafted the book with no binding or glue, but just folds and cuts from one huge paper spread to create an unbroken reading experience, while simultaneously keeping the paper intact on the whole. His artistic work is obviously a metaphor of his blessings for the continuation to pass on the recipe to the future Kwok’s generations.





Design Graduate:

Kwok Ka Lok | 郭家樂


Long Feng Kitchen | 龍鳳廚坊




Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院