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Project Description

You have to take action to see more | 你要行動才能看到更多



Silver Yu’s graduation work is a virtual series of items designed for the FIA Formula E Championship 2017 (Formula E), she hopes the Hong Kong citizens can learn more about the Formula electric racing with her works. Honey has been selected as the theme of the race, as Formula E is most famous for its high speed engine sounds. She believes that the sounds echo many attributes of the bees, so that people will likely be attracted.

Bees also represent the environmental friendly characteristic of Formula electric racing, because it uses glycerin as energiser. Moreover, bees always denote a feeling of liveliness and march-forward courage, just like the way Hong Kong is having a large international event such as Formula E, or the racing teams who always eliminate their obstacles to arrive at the finish line.

The「DesignXcel」team approached Silver to see if she would be interested to enhance her graduation work with Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. She showed great interest as she already had an extended design concept in mind from Formula E. Arrangement for Silver and Hung Hing designers to meet has ended in her brand new work “You have to take action to see more” – a graphic collection of bookmark, calendar, flyer, note pad case, notebook, paper clip box, paper folder, pen container and poster.

The graphic design focuses on a single English word “MORE”, but when the work is folded into half, one sees only half of the original word and it becomes “NOPE”. Her central message is to bring out the importance for us to think more and view things in multiple angles, as there is always a blind spot to everyone. If one looks at the image closely, in the background there will be a full circle divided into two with many small parts. This is to signify that everything starts from the small things before arriving at a big picture, just like how an ordinary tyre is just one part of the racing car, yet an important component to make the car move forward.

余沛賢的畢業作品為2017香港電訊電動方程式錦標賽(Formula E)設計的一系列模擬物品,希望讓不太了解電動方程式的香港市民認識更多。此活動選用了蜜蜂作為主題。由於方程式最為人知的特點就是其引擎聲音,與蜜蜂有很多共通點,所以希望用蜜蜂引起觀者的共嗚。


《設計列陣》團隊聯絡余沛賢商討與鴻興印刷集團有限公司合作加強她的畢業作品,她不但對計劃很有興趣,而且早已有伸延設計意念的構思。余沛賢與鴻興設計師的會面促成了全新作品「You have to take action to see more(你要行動才能看到更多)」,集合書籤、日曆、傳單、便條盒、筆記本、紙夾盒、文件夾、鉛筆盒和海報。


Design Graduate:

Yu Pui Yin, Silver | 余沛賢


Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd.  | 鴻興印刷集團有限公司



Graphics | CO1 – School of Visual Arts | CO1 設計學校