Project Description


A modular backpack system for work-leisure balance


Work is inevitable, but who doesn’t love a break from it?

With the global advocation on work-life balance in recent years, among the many sports and pastimes, hiking has emerged as an economical and popular activity for the youngsters. Capitalising on this trend, the design graduate Ko Chun KC created “X-border”, a modular backpack system that literally crosses the borders of work and leisure.

As soon as the「DesignXcel」team discovered X-border at the PolyU Design Annual Show 2017 for the Y Show Macau nomination, an instant plan had been made for KC and the local outdoor clothing brand Re:echo to connect. When Angus Yau, Founder and CEO of Re:echo, finally met KC at his office, plans for the production of an upgraded edition of X-border were already set due to their extremely similar philosophy for modern outdoor gear.

Having earned the Outstanding Award from the Macau Y Show 2017, the 3-layer structure of X-border consists of an adjustable support, a briefcase core and a dedicated pack. The gray briefcase is designed to contain all necessities for work, whereas the orange pack is designed specifically for hiking. KC’s idea of individual module add-ons to configure the backpack for different purposes coincides perfectly with Re:echo’s current development of a convenient baggage line for urban travelling.

The specific use of Fidlock magnetic fasteners that allows easy snap-on and quick release might be the key selling point for X-border, but for real-life application, Angus pointed out the potential risks of module slip-off or loss during travel. Consequently they have been working together on the premium “X-border 2.0” backpack, which incorporates the high-performance design elements such as lightweight, rainproof and durable materials of the first edition, but simultaneously exploring different interchangeable pack modules that guarantee security for the multiple backpack combinations for the target users’ plans.





「X-border」採用Fidlock磁扣來達致不同模件間的便利連接和卸除,以提供靈活的組合模式,視為作品的重要賣點。但邱先生則點出在現實生活中,此連接手法可能會令模件在移動的過程中意外滑落或遺失。有見及此,他們正一同發展進階版的「X-border 2.0」背包,在首版中融合了高性能的元素如輕巧材質、防水及耐用物料等,與此同時亦共同研究能確保組合時安全穩固的各種交替式模件包,令產品更能合乎用家所需。

Design Graduate:

Ko Chun KC | 高俊


Re:echo Asia Pacific Ltd. | 藝高亞太有限公司

Macau Y Show 2017 | 澳門「Y設計展」2017



Products Design | School of Design – Hong Kong Polytechnic University  | 香港理工大學設計學院