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Project Description

Wings | 翼



Unlike women, men always appear to have less when it comes to fashion. Dresses, skirts, stockings, hair bands, earrings – these are all normally things the male gender is deprived of in the contemporary age. In view of the lack of choices for men in terms of fashion accessories, Adrian Chung, the Visual Arts graduate from HKBU has designed a special pair of shirt studs for the gentlemen named “Wings”, which is also an extension of his final-year project “Living” with a focus on conservation and protection of collective memories.

Given such an interesting and niche design, the「DesignXcel」team quickly proposed Adrian to meet with Ricky Lam, CEO of Elegance Jewellery International Ltd. (EJI), to discuss the possibility of turning “Wings” into a fine jewellery product. As the studs are meant to accesorise the shirt’s first button at the top similar to how a brooch works, the design is basically a pair of strong wings made of metal with the centrally mounted eye-catching blue gemstone in two states: open and closed. When spread, the gemstone is soaring; when enclosed, it is protected by the wings.

Adrian has experimented with different shades of blue gems, such as Larima, Lapis, Turquoise and Tiger Eye, yet they are yet to arrive at a solid conclusion. As a result, only the open “Wings” stud would first be produced and showcased at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair with EJI, followed by the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show under the pavilion of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) to test the market reception.




Design Graduate:

Chung Ka Pang, Adrian | 鍾家鵬


Elegance Jewellery International Ltd. (EJI) | 雅寶珠寶國際有限公司

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association | 香港珠寶製造業廠商會有限公司



Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院