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Project Description

Ways to defeat the monster in 21 days | 二十一天教你打怪獸



The final-year project of design graduate Mandy Lee is a game-story work. It presents an interesting way of training students’ self-control muscle. The game would leave it until the end to inform its users that it is actually a practical tutorial.

The game consists of three stages: early, middle and late. Pre-psychological tests developed by the American Psychological Institute are put in the early stage to ensure that this series applies to a user. The tests become more interesting in the form of physical examinations. Afterwards the middle stage comes, namely a 21-day training that includes self-control training courses and self-test results. The last stage is a booklet. Following 21 days of games, one may read about how each game trains self-control muscles and the use of psychological elements included in each game. Mandy hopes that the public would conduct some records on their own and train their self-control muscles continuously in order to achieve different goals in the long run.

The「DesignXcel」team met Mandy with the collaboration partner Patrick Yeung, Managing Director of Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd. After identifying the areas to improve, Patrick offered his suggestions with professional printing advice and technology. The work was shown to the public in a more complete form.


這個遊戲式訓練分做三個部份:早期﹑中期及後期。放在早期的心理測驗是用作驗証使用者是真的適合應用這系列,李運用了美國心理學協會提供的心理測驗,把它化作了物理上的測驗令它會變得更為有趣。然後,就是中期,它是一個二十一天的訓練過程。包含了: 個人控制的訓練課程﹑自我評估和遊戲的扮演。最後是一些小本子,當完成了二十一天的遊戲之後,便可以閱讀有關每個遊戲是如何訓練你的意志力肌肉的說明,還有心理學元素是如何建構在每一個部份。李君懿希望大眾透過這個作品能進行一些自我紀錄,去繼續長期地訓練自己的自制力肌肉。目的就是可以在短期﹑甚至長期都有不同的事情可以做,也能夠有所得著。


Design Graduate:

Lee Kwan Yee, Mandy | 李君懿


Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd.  | 金鷹(福建)印刷有限公司




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