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Want to Focus


As a design graduate, Suki Tong always has the best interests for designers in mind. Knowing the majority of designers rarely have the patience to finish a book, she has developed a set of “Want to Focus” exercises in her final-year project to help designers fight distractions and focus better with simple lines and patterns.

At first glance, Suki’s 12 books filled with postcards inside may pass as ordinary notebooks in black and white. Yet, they are indeed the essence of her research and interpretation on over 20 wordy books of psychology theories in simple graphic languages. One book a week, 4 books make one monthly set, all the exercises involved are extracted from tests created by professional psychologists, arranged in ascending order of difficulty to train one’s capability to focus.

When the「DesignXcel」teammates brought Suki to Polytrade, they showed their surprise and appreciation on her creativity and subject matter by supporting her with their papers. As the books are now made of Polytrade papers with different thickness and textures, there is the potential of turning them into their official paper samples as a showoff of their quality papers.

Once the papers were all set, the team took her to Asia One the printer, where valuable marketing suggestions were given. They not only advised Suki to work on a colour collection to suit the public taste better for commercialisation, but their idea to enlarge one print in each book to A1 or A0 sized posters also synced with her original concept to display selected pages of graphic exercises as an visually impactful poster book at the exhibition.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, why not try it yourself?

作為設計畢業生,唐芷琪每每都會想到如何能造福一眾設計師。能夠專注和有耐心地讀完一整本書,對大多數設計師而言都是非常罕有的事。因此她在畢業作品中創作了「Want to Focus」的一系列練習,希望能以簡單的線條和圖案讓設計師提升專注力和集中力。





Design Graduate:

Tong Tsz Ki, Suki | 唐芷琪


Asia One Printing Ltd. | 宏亞印務有限公司

Polytrade Paper Corporation Ltd. | 友邦洋紙有限公司



Graphic Design | School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University