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Project Description

Urban Group Green Day | 富城集團綠色環保日



When Rose Cheng, Senior Manager – Marketing & Communications of the Urban Group, first saw Lina Wu’s final-year project “Moon Case” at the「DesignXcel」“Point2Command” Guided Tour to the HKDI Graduation Show, as luck would have it, she had already made up her mind to take Lina Wu for collaboration.

When the team brought Lina to meet Rose at the Urban Group office, she discovered Lina’s graduation work “Moon Case” is a virtual eco-friendly organisation that organises green DIY workshops and green packaging for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Lina hopes that the Moon Case can help promote recycling and reuse culture, as well as the concept of green packaging in the community.

It so happened that Rose was actually looking for some designer to work on a Mid-Autumn Festival food waste reduction campaign among all the properties under the Urban Group. The guided tour then naturally led to the meeting of Rose and Lina arranged by the team, in which their collaboration officially started.

The Urban Group asked Lina to assist them in developing a logo and 2 versions of poster to promote the Urban Group Green Day in 2017. As the Group has lined up with the environmental charity organisation Food Grace, the posters are to call for residents or tenants to participate in their food recycling scheme to collect extra mooncakes that can be given to people in need and reduce food waste. Lina has then made use of the images of the rabbit and mooncake to reinforce the mid-autumn mood, together with different tones of green for the environmental identity of Urban Group as a logo.

當富城集團市務及傳訊部高級經理鄭慕廉小姐在《設計列陣》的《點指兵兵》導賞團第一次看到胡美玲的畢業作品「Moon Case」,就決定要與胡美玲協作。

當團隊帶胡美玲到富城集團的辦公室與鄭小姐見面時,鄭小姐發現了胡美玲的畢業作品「Moon Case」是一個虛疑生態友善機構,會舉辦綠色DIY工作坊和製作中秋節綠色包裝。胡美玲希望Moon Case有助在社區推動循環再用文化和綠色包裝的概念。



Design Graduate:

Wu Mei Ling, Lina | 胡美玲


Urban Group | 富誠集團




Visual Communication | Hong Kong Design Institute |香港知專設計學院