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Project Description

Urban Foresta


The two Product Design graduate participants of this collaboration both come from the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Lewis Kwan specialises in handling the look and feel of products, whereas Bede Ip focuses more on product functionality. The combination of the two contributes to satisfy the demands for Studio 101 in developing urban foresta design.

Lewis Kwan takes on the theme of Chinese chess for his final-year project, each side of the players has 16 chess pieces with a total of 7 colours. He derived his collection of 7 stationery items from the elements extracted from the different abilities and characteristics of the chess pieces.

Bede Ip’s final-year project aims to conserve the local culture of Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng (Chinese tea restaurant) by improving the problems generated by service culture and eating habits. The Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng may consequently be able to evolve as its characteristics and spirit remain.

Studio 101 Ltd. is a company dedicated to eyewear design, specialising in high-tech and quality glasses frames. Having participated in the guided tours of design schools organised by the「DesignXcel」team, Studio 101 was attracted by the works of Bede and Lewis. A meeting was soon arranged for the students and the company, bringing about this cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Based on the strengths of the two graduates, Studio 101 handed a project to them in the hope that they can develop a future eyewear project together, and eventually arrive at a design that is perfect in terms of functionality, user experience and appearance.

參與這次協作的兩位產品設計畢業生同樣來自香港理工大學設計學院,關兆希擅長處理產品外型;葉旻皜專注於產品功能,兩者的合作可以滿足101設計室有限公司對Urban Foresta設計發展的要求。

關兆希的畢業作品以中國象棋為主題,下棋的雙方每邊有十六隻棋子,共有七種角色。 他抽取棋子不同的能力和特點作為元素衍生出七件文具。



根據兩位畢業生的強項, 101設計室將一個項目交予他們,寄望他們共同完成一個未來眼鏡的項目,達至功能性、用家體驗和外形並重的設計。

Design Graduate:

Ip Ming Hao, Bede | 葉旻皜

Kwan Siu Hei, Lewis | 關兆希


101 Studio Limited  | 101 設計室有限公司





Product Design | School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | 香港理工大學設計學院