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Project Description

Time | 物化的時間靜待着



It is said that tofu is the paper in food. Making soaps with tofu’s texture, each wash is a pursuit of youth that washes away the merciless traces of time that result in wrinkles on the skin.

Applying the wrinkles casted from his grandma’s hand, Ka Lok has developed a “tofu-like” soap both as a blessing to his grandma for longevity and also a merciless reminder of the unretrievable time. He made the soap with food additives to provide its rubbery texture, which imitates the soft touch of human skin. With the users’ engagement, the wrinkles on the soap will become smoother and eventually disappear in time, the consumption of the soap is a process where time goes both forward and backward in a nonlinear fashion.

“The more you wash, the lesser your wrinkles.” Ka Lok might have found the perfect tagline for all the skincare and body wash products, but his actual target of promotion is TSP (Tamarind Polysaccharide gum), an edible ingredient commonly used in everyday diets but rarely applied to product manufactures. Once the「DesignXel」team was aware of his good intention to introduce the healthy material that the human body can absorb with no harm, the local handmade soap brand, Can Soap, immediately came to mind for possible collaboration.

Perine Cheng and Ronnie Bow, Founder and Design Director of Can Soap regarded the special intimate touch of Ka Lok’s tofu soap surprising and interesting. With the same emphasis on organic anti-allergy products with minimal chemicals involved, Can Soap accepted Ka Lok’s proposal to try his TSP formula on one line of their soaps. Numerous testing has since taken place at Can Soap’s workshop studio for the right proportion and mixture of ingredients to stabilise the soap’s form and texture at room temperature.

During the experimental process, they encountered two major problems of colouring and humidification. As it takes plenty of 75% alcohol to produce the pure white appearance of the soft soap, the natural yellowish-skin tone of TSP is hard to removed when applied to Can Soap’s healthily certified soaps. Moreover, a special packaging mechanism such as a compact container has to be created to separate the tofu soap away from air to avoid its becoming moistened. More has to be done to improve the look and feel of the combined formula for market appeal.

常言道豆腐是食材中的白紙。以豆腐的質感製作肥皂,每一次的洗滌都是一次次把時間留在皮膚上的證據 — 皺紋 — 緩緩洗走的過程。

以外祖母手上的紋路作模子,設計畢業生郭家樂創作了一塊如豆腐一般的肥皂,當中包含了對外祖母長壽的寄願, 亦提醒着時間的無情流逝。他利用食物添加劑令肥皂凝膠成型,模仿人類皮膚的柔軟觸感。隨着用家的使用,肥皂上的皺紋紋路會於一次次的洗滌中慢慢地變得平滑而最後消逝於時間之中,肥皂的使用過程象徵着時間的不斷前進,但亦同時往後回朔青春嫩肌的概念。




Design Graduate:

Kwok Ka Lok | 郭家樂


Handmaid Production | Can Soap | 簡梘




Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院