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Project Description

The Stone of Sisyphus



Nowadays, office design emphasises freestyle, flexibility and variation. Most working desks and chairs are dull and boring, they not only discourage the creative minds, but also impact health negatively in the long run. New desk designs that are height-adjustable for different uses and positions have started to appear in the market. However, they normally come with many buttons and complicated mechanisms that increase the costs and fail to be user-friendly.

“The Stone of Sisyphus” goes the opposite direction with a low-tech design. A multi-faceted “stone” that can stand on any side has been created through precise calculation of mechanics. It only takes a pushing or rolling action to change the height and angle to switch between a long bench, a high table or a working desk. When designers encourage users to take part in the office setup, changes can be adopted at any time and the flexibility of office will be highly increased. The interaction involved during the process may even stimulate thoughts and exchanges between the users.

The「DesignXcel」team understands very well the restrictions on the mind with inflexible office setting. From a user’s perspective, “The Stone of Sisyphus” design does provide versatility for the office. The team therefore brought together the graduate and NowHere® Design Ltd., a company that focuses on playful yet user-friendly and innovative interior design products. This piece of “stone” designed by the CUHK architecture graduate Wilson Fung matches with the design philosophy of NowHere® Design, hence both worked together on the collaborative research and development of this work.



The Stone of Sisyphus是反其道而行的低科技設計,多切面的「石塊」經過精密的力學計算,每一面都能擺放,只需推或滾動就能令高度和角度改變,成為長椅、靠背、高桌或一般工作枱。設計師鼓勵用家參與辦公室的設置,並且能隨時因應需要改變,大大提高辦公室的靈活性。而當中的互動更能有效刺激思維及與其他使用者的交流。



Design Graduate:

Fung Ching Wai, Wilson | 馮政淮



NowHere® Design Ltd. | 現。在設計有限公司



Architecture | The Chinese University of Hong Kong | 香港中文大學