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Project Description

The Key of Ninth Floor | 九樓門匙



“The Key of Ninth Floor”, the graduation project of Tio Chi Fung, studies whether filial piety should be treated as a traditional virtue or an outdated value. He has filmed a documentary of his family life to show how younger members live with the older generations. The documentary would show friction and thoughts of family members; conflicts between carers and the cared as well as their weaknesses. In Hong Kong, people dare not mention about ageing because we are afraid of being isolated and abandoned. Many examples have shown that young and old people are tremendously different in value perceptions. The two generations might also have diverged lifestyles and economic pressure. Many elderly people were sent to elderly homes consequently.

The「DesignXcel」team were deeply touched watching Tio’s work at his graduation show. The contents are real. Tio talked about the relationship between his family members where certain topics would not have been brought up, such as his father’s view of the family. These are things Tio had always wanted to know and the project has been a breakthrough to bridge their connection. In terms of shooting, Tio employed a hidden camera with a mysterious first-person viewpoint. Those in front of the camera had shown authentic emotions and viewers would feel genuinely the interactions between family members.

The 「DesignXcel」 team recommended Tio to the second edition of Macau Y Show 2017 organised by Chiu Yeng Culture Limited. The issue of elderly people is brought from Hong Kong to Macau. It would be great to see fewer elderly people sent to elderly homes without options.




Design Graduate:

Tio Chi Fung 張志鋒


Macau Y Show 2017 | 澳門「Y 設計展」2017



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