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Project Description

The 9-legged



In the modern society, more and more technological designs are replacing cultural and traditional skills. Witnessing the decline, Justina Lam from THEi decided to dedicate her final-year project to make Chinese furniture.

Justina has always found ancient Chinese furniture full of wisdom, yet people tend to neglect this characteristic. To her, it is such a waste to let creativity accumulated from thousands of years to fade away, furthermore, materials that were used in furniture making are also left forgotten and abandoned. To raise awareness on traditional furniture, Justina designed “The 9-legged” that exudes the current trend, because she wished to show that traditional furniture with an up-to-date design would be as practical and stylish as any other modern furniture piece.

Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd. is a member of the Hong Kong Furniture & Decoration Association (HKF&DA), specialising in producing modern furniture. Inspired by Justina’s idea, Profilia would like to support Justina to turn her idea into an actual product. Being an expert of furniture production, Profilia gave Justina a lot of valuable advices and comments on the structure and looks of this furniture product. In this successful collaboration between Profilia and Justina, the「DesignXcel」acted as a platform to showcase the benefits of collaboration between the design graduate and the furniture industry.


林雅詠一向認為中式家俱充滿智慧,可惜正被遺忘,浪費承傳數千年的創意,連造家俱的物料也漸被遺棄。為提高大眾對傳統家俱的關注,根據現時的潮流設計了「The 9 legged」,與現代家俱同樣實用美觀兼備。


Design Graduate:

Lam Nga Wing, Justina | 林雅詠


Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd. | 西德寶富麗(遠東)有限公司

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association | 香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會



Products  | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院