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Project Description

Story | 故事



Photography work “Story” is the outcome of discussion and the photography experience between the「DesignXcel」team, Lai Yat Lam, Co-founder of Photo Now and design graduate Yeung Nga Sze. Yeung’s subject matter is her cousin who has recovered from a chronic disease. She hopes to express the exhaustion and despair of the patients as well as the importance of organ donation through her lens. It is because her cousin’s life was saved by an organ transplant operation, Yeung hopes that viewers could feel the story within the “Story”.

Uterine pregnancy abortion sadly happened to Yeung’s cousin when she was 22. Two years later, she who had long-term headache was found to suffer kidney failure. She could have been cured by medication but she chose to gave up herself. As a result, kidney dialysis was needed. She travelled to Shenzhen four times a week for five years to undergo the treatment and a lot of medicine was consumed. Her body was exhausted to the degree of frequent dizziness and vomiting. Then when her cousin finally had an opportunity to receive a donated kidney, they only came to know that it was a contaminated kidney with cancer cells. The situation sent her into another stage of despair. Two years later, she underwent a successful kidney transplantation and it was from the same donor. They have become great friends and gotten vital support also from the 5 pets at home.


楊的表姐22歲時不幸子宮外孕流產,經常頭痛的她兩年後又發現患上腎衰竭,當時的她自暴自棄,病情本可靠藥物控制,但她卻停藥,最終走上洗腎之路。那時她一星期要來回深圳洗腎四次,需服食大量的藥物,身體也經常負荷不了,常會出現暈眩、嘔吐等反應。 就這樣持續了五年,她的表姐終於等到一次換腎的機會,卻發現捐贈者的腎有癌細胞,再次讓她陷入絕望,那晚她一直痛哭。之後又過了兩年,她終於重新遇上希望,成功換了腎。有趣的是,巧合地受贈者和兩年前的是同一人,因此她們成了要好的姊妹,而家中的5隻小動物一直都是她的精神支柱。

Design Graduate:

Yeung Nga Sze | 楊雅思


Photo Now | 現在攝影



Design Foundation Studies | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院