Project Description

Storvy VR Interior Experience | Storvy 虛擬實景室內體驗

1. Integrate Dining: Central Market 中環街市

2. Common Ground


For a long time, the display methods for interior design have stayed at the standard level of physical models or rendering images. As user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) technologies are getting more advanced every day, are these still the only ways or the best ways to present interior works?

「DesignXcel」has been an active design agent in making cross-industries collaboration happen. To identify an alternative presentation for interior designs, the team has come up with the more innovative and interactive way to enhance the designs of Kobi, Leon and Michael, and that is with the help of Storvy’s virtual reality (VR) product.

Storvy innovated the new virtual reality product that offers specific solutions to its target interior design and architecture projects. They have developed the Unity conversion programme, where architectural or interior designs can be transferred into VR format in a short time. Kobi and Michael were onboard with the arrangement of the「DesignXcel」team to meet Storvy for the creative collaboration, this is how the two parties were put to work together.

It all started with Storvy’s detailed clarification of their exclusive Unity programme, they had made it clear that not only the design graduates would need to put in extra time and work to enhance their final-year projects, but Storvy staff would eventually have to work perfecting all details of their works. The large-scale retouching involved fixing all the scales and sizes, texture and lighting effects in order to fit the graduates’ works into the Unity editor for VR production. The editing back and forth between Storvy staff and the two has taken two whole months, until the VR effects became satisfactory to all of them and made better sense to experience their original designs.





Design Graduate:

1. Fung Tsz Kin, Michael | 馮子健

2. Kwok Sin Hang, Kobi | 郭善珩





Interior Design | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院