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Project Description



With the increasing global attention paid to STEM education, the「DesignXcel」team has been quick to seize the opportunity to promote a series of interactive experiences and innovative programmes through the setup of the unprecedented “STEM Lab” initiated by NowHere Design Limited.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. To highlight its benefits for children to develop scientific literacy, critical thinking, innovation as well as problem-solving skills, a STEM Lab has been designed as a demonstration unit for the public to gain the first-hand experience of the holistic education approach.

This time, the「DesignXcel」team has gathered a few design graduates to jam with NowHere® Design Ltd. on the experimental STEM Lab, including Nelca Wan (interior design), Samson Choi and James Wong (creative media). As Nelca worked on the glass structure and designed the interior setting of the display area, Samson Choi and James Wong communicated closely with him to create a digital version of the “prepared for” experience of smart living technologies through an highly interactive website, which also promotes STEM education to engage kids and the public in a fun and collaborative learning environment.

隨着全球社會對「STEM」教育的關注度不斷上升,《設計列陣》團隊抓緊這個機會,通過設立史無前例的「STEM Lab」,推廣一系列由現在設計有限公司發起的互動體驗和創新項目。

STEM是基於四大特別範疇去訓練學生的課程規劃,包括科學、科技、工程及數學,而四個範疇將會以跨界和實體應用的方法教授。「STEM Lab」的成立亦為了帶出STEM能提升孩子發展科學的專業能力、批判性思考、創新思維及問題解決技能的優點,以令公眾能親身體驗它的全方位教育導向。


Design Graduate:

Wan Chi Yuen, Nelca | 尹志遠

Wong Ho Yin, James | 黃浩賢


NowHere® Design Ltd. | 現。在設計有限公司



Interior Design | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院

Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學