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Project Description

Smart Office


Have you ever imagined a life that is completely prepared for? The lights and air-conditioning are on once you enter your office, a coffee ready on your desk with your computer automatically switched on? You are not far from your dream anymore as you can have them all with smart living.

In response to the government’s policies to develop Hong Kong into a smart city, the public and private sectors have gradually started to embrace innovation and technology for a people-centric and sustainable living environment. The「DesignXcel」team was excited to learn that the collaborator, NowHere Design Limited, shares the same vision to further the progress both in integrating design and smart strategies into our community.

In order to visualise how innovation and technology may impact and facilitate our daily life in unexpected ways,「DesignXcel」connected the architecture graduate Derek Tam, and the two creative media graduates, Ivory Tsoi and James Wong, with Tony Lau, Creative Director of NowHere to work together on the Smart Office demonstration unit.

While Derek had to deal with physical interior design and architectural construction of the demonstration unit of 9 sqm., Ivory and James were looking for ways to virtualise the wonderful “prepared for” experience into a digital edition of equal interactivity for popularisation.

In their design, both groups had to factor in a series of personalised smart automation features such as centralised lighting control, computer workstation, smart glass walls that work accordinging to occupancy and daylight sensors for automatic atomisation, motorised shades and drapery, touch screens and remotes, A/V control system, user interface and many more. The space also makes use of a special mobile smart office desk from POSH Office Systems (HK) Ltd., a height-adjustable system that merges ergonomic design and self-monitoring function that responds to your needs and choices, be it sitting or standing posture, one can regularly stretch the body. Ultimately, the collaborative efforts amount to display the luxury for a painless system of office support that is energy-saving, people-friendly and smart.






Design Graduate:

Choi Tsz Wai, Samson | 蔡子維

Chu Weng San, Queenie | 朱詠珊

Wan Chi Yuen, Nelca | 尹志遠

Wong Ho Yin, James | 黃浩賢


NowHere® Design Ltd. | 現。在設計有限公司




Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學

Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學

Interior Design | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院

Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學