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Project Description

Sh | 殊


“Sh”, the final-year project of design graduate Ip Wing Kit speaks for the introverts, who need time to be alone and prefer listening to talking. To get to understand the introverts, it takes much time and enough space.

Creatively making use of the blue pigments, Kit captures the state of momentary colour changes and transfers these transient moments into prints on transparent materials to convey the internal thoughts of introverts.

Rolland Cheung is a young artist born in the 90s, he set up his own brand “Agape” that has a focus on resin home products. He paints the abstract landscape with resin, waste wood and colours. “Sometimes there is already a clear composition with colours in my creative process, I just outline what is in my mind then; other times I go with my intuition to feel and record the state of mind at the moment. Perhaps different methods do give rise to the diversity of patterns.”

The「DesignXcel」team needs to meet and talk with both the student and the collaborator to discover something they have in common:

their works are sharp, and give audience the room for imagination, as if a good friend who listens and offers advices as well. Collaboration is an art of human interaction, it takes time for people to mix and know each other. What put Kit and Rolland together for collaboration are actually their own personalities: they are both introverts and creative, while also enjoy time of their own.

Their collaborative work is made up of 10 pieces of resin paintings placed in a row. Each painting depicts human silhouettes of different materials against patterns of passing clouds and flowing water. If viewed from the front, one sees the lively silhouettes of a crowd; but a closer look at each painting will reveal only one person. The art is an expression for the introverts, while they like to stick with other people, they enjoy solitude and their own time and space even more.







Design Graduate:

Ip Wing Kit | 葉榮杰


Agape | (Rolland 張匯希)



Advertising | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院