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Project Description

Road | 道路




Photo Now is against any boundary in photography. There is no need to define any style because photography is the writing with images; randomly seen and loved impressions taken freely to be shared with other people. Photography is a leisure hobby of design graduate James Wong. He likes to record interesting things around him. The「DesignXcel」team therefore recommended him to Photo Now and arranged them to collaborate. After seeing the works of several graduates and meeting them, Lai Yat Lam, Co-founder of Photo Now suggested them to produce new works with a shared theme.

As a result, James created the “Road” series. He shot with flash and high shutter speed on roads at night. Apart from the foreground, the further an object is away from the flash, the more unclear it becomes. Sometimes, only darkness is seen. Somehow, the noise of the photos makes the work more real.

James does not think anyone would normally see the world in this way. This is how the results would interest them, just as how a photo taken with a film camera would be like before printing – no one knows the outcome. This series of photos implies how Hong Kong people see their future. With doubt and anxiety, they cannot look farther.




Design Graduate:

Wong Ho Yin, James | 黃浩賢


Photo Now | 現在攝影



Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學