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Project Description

Rider Kick


Tse Chun Sing’s final-year project “The Musical Instrument” is a story of resistance. The design graduate has learnt various musical instruments through the years, but he gave them all up halfway. Unable to express literally the reasons for his reluctance so far, Sing has broken apart his musical intruments to create his own sound-making devices to communicate his thoughts based on his knowledge in mechatronics and a little music theory.

The process of destroying and re-assembling the broken parts is Sing’s attempt to reconfigure musical instruments against traditional perception on how music works. Playing with the set of 8 delicate wooden installations that combine to form a creative ensemble during the HKBU AVA Graduation Exhibition, it reminded the「DesignXcel」team of the woodwork from local handmade lifestyle and furniture brand of Twenty One From Eight.

As the founders of the brand, Thomas Wong and Vera Wong, had very packed schedules, it was only after a few attempts that the team had finally managed to squeeze some time out of their production to meet with Sing on a weekend. As Thomas and Vera introduced their brand philosophy and showed him around their working studio, they were impressed at his creative pieces and they agreed to sponsor him quality wood for his upcoming installation projects. During the collaboration period, Thomas also welcomed Sing to make use of the wood-cutting equipment at their studio and offered him practical advices to improve the feasibility and user-friendliness of his toy mechatronics.

Most important of all, Sing was suggested to work from what he used to hate to what he likes the most, this has become the inspiration for Sing to produce the “Rider Kick” installation, as the Japanese animation character Masked Rider is his favourite. Rider Kick is a set of two mechatronic devices that control the movements of the removed hands and legs of a Masked Rider toy to imitate the character’s killer moves. Through the reproduction of Rider Kick, Sing hopes to relive the fun and simple happiness he used to feel when playing with the Masked Rider toy.



由於品牌創辦人Thomas和Vera的工務繁忙,團隊經過多番嘗試後才成功安排他們與謝同學於一個周末會面。Thomas和Vera向謝同學介紹他們的品牌概念和展示其工作室後,他們二人對謝同學的作品留下了深刻的印象,並答應贊助他優質的木材用以製作最新的「Rider Kick」藝術裝置。在合作期間,Thomas更邀請謝同學隨意使用他們工作室內的木材切割器材,亦為他提供了許多實用建議去提升作品的可行性,以及為玩具作品加入更人性化的用家考量。

而其中最重要的是,謝同學經Thomas建議後,他從較抗拒的樂器主題轉而發展他喜歡的玩具設計,這轉變令他對設計項目更為投入。這個經歷其後成為了謝同學創作「Rider Kick」藝術裝置的啟發,因為他最喜愛的日本動漫角色就是幪面超人。「Rider Kick」是一套兩個的機械電子裝置,它能控制幪面超人玩具上被拆下來的手和腳。通過重新製作「Rider Kick」,謝同學希望能重拾往昔把玩幪面超人玩具時的簡單快樂。

Design Graduate:

Tse Chun Sing | 謝俊昇


Twenty One from Eight | 廿一由八




Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院