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Project Description

Ribbon Shelf



Leung Hoi Man is a cat lover. The inspiration of her final-year project is the communication between human and cats. She wants to create a piece of furniture that human and cats can share, the “Ribbon Shelf” is therefore created. It is a bookshelf as well as a leisure space for cats. The pets may play with the ribbon on the top while their owners can rest, read books or just look at them from below.

There are many pet lovers in the market but hardly any furniture for pets and human to share. JMStyle Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. and the graduate both see this market demand, and the company considers Leung’s design highly feasible and stands a good chance in the market. Therefore, both parties decided to produce a prototype. Since JMStyle is a member of the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA), with the help of the「DesignXcel」team, design graduates have been supported by many organisations technically and given an opportunity for exhibition. The work was included in the「DesignXcel」exhibition, as the idea of art in furniture was promoted and new directions and possibilities were given to the furniture industry.

Wood was the original target material for the “ribbon”, but wood folding is technically difficult. After doing some research, the graduate and the company employed aluminium as an alternative. Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Supplier Co. Ltd. sponsored and co-developed the material and technology. The aluminium structure is wrapped in hemp rope to hide the sharp metal edges to ensure safety and make it easier for the cats to climb.

梁凱雯是位愛貓之人,畢業作品的靈感源自人與貓的溝通,她希望創造一件人和貓可以共用的傢俬,Ribbon Shelf 就是基於這想法而誕生。它是一個書架,亦是一個貓活動的休閑地方,可以在絲帶上玩耍。絲帶底部則是給主人休息看書和觀察貓的個人空間。


市面上有一羣愛寵物的人,但給寵物和人共融的傢私並不常見,JM Style和畢業生都看到這個市場需求,而且梁凱雯的設計作品可行性很大,將來推出市場的機會很高,所以雙方決定共同製作原型。JMStyle 同時是香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會的會員,再加上《設計列陣》的事先協調,各個團體一直支持設計畢業生,提供意見及製作上的支援,並以《設計列陣》展覽作為推廣平台。「傳承」將會擺放在《設計列陣》展覽,透過這個平台把藝術融入家俱的概念宣揚出去,為傢俬業提供新的方向和可行性。




Design Graduate:

Leung Hoi Man | 梁凱雯


JMS Group (Hong Kong) Ltd.  | 創維集團(香港)有限公司

Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Supplier Co. Ltd. | 明達行裝飾材料集團有限公司

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association | 香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會




Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院