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Project Description

Rewind | 本



Studying have always been a nightmare to a lot of students, and it is quite common for them to revenge on the studying materials after school life. Karrie Lee, one of the victims of this nightmare, was inspired by the idea of destroying her past notebooks and recycled them into papers. Random words from her notes scattered across the paper, making it unique and fun to read. As the「DesignXcel」team was looking for a suitable local collaborator to work with her, having the passion to make recycled paper by herself, she eventually went abroad to seek more experiences and assistance.


The Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) in Taiwan aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for visitors from national and international art-related fields, for short visits or specific projects. They offer working space and equipment, consultation, research and implementation services, space for experimentation, as well as development of multi-media art, etc.


During Karrie’s time at BCS, she came up with another idea regarding recycled paper. Paper exists when wood fibres from trees interlace in water. When a stack of paper is bound, a book is naturally formed. Made from raw materials and barks, her series of work presents the semi-­forming state of a book. Through touching and smelling, the audience could imagine the original relationship between the book, papers and trees, as well as ponder on the important role of handmade papers in environmental conservation. She would like the audience to learn about the relationship between wood and papers, so as to remind people not to waste global resources.


Karrie and BCS started their collaboration with not only BCS’s support on raw materials Goushu, but also the studio space for her to investigate the barks and preparation for the production of this work. BCS also provided valuable opportunities for Karrie to hold handmade paper workshop and booth. Similarly,「DesignXcel」offered another platform for Karrie to expose and share her collaborative work at the exhibition.






Design Graduate:

Lee Ka Yin, Karrie  | 李珈妍


Bamboo Curtain Studio | 竹圍工作室



Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院