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Project Description

Rebirth | 重生



The final-year project of design graduate Anson Woo, “The Ordinary Beauty At Night” captures ordinary but touching scenery with photography. Woo hopes to present scenes of daily life with the perspective of looking up. Viewers are directed to pay attention to their surroundings and discover things to appreciate in daily life.

The「DesignXcel」team has teamed up Anson Woo with Photo Now. After seeing the works of several graduates and meeting them, Lai Yat Lam, Co-founder of Photo Now suggested them to produce new works by brainstorming inspirations together.

Woo instantly decided to use “Rebirth” as his new theme to explore possibilities of external body forms. Every person has a unique body. Genetics, habits and experiences have shaped the appearance of our bodies since we were born. Perhaps we do not like our own bodies, but hating our own bodies does not make us become who we want to be or look like. Our bodies will only continue to grow with us. Therefore, Woo photographed the lines on his palms with light and shadow. He has come to understand how diverse body forms can be throughout the process.




Design Graduate:

Woo Kin Ting, Anson 胡健霆


Photo Now | 現在攝影



Design Foundation Studies | Hong Kong Design Institute