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Project Description

Quick Dry



It is the dream of every lady to have silky and elegant long hair, they tend to apply hair products and blow-dry their hair for a good shape after shower, even if it takes much time. However, it was also common sense that putting one’s hair under hot air for too long will damage the hair quality.

To protect the ladies’ hair, the HKDI Product design graduate Law Yee Cheung worked on a hair dryer that runs on a different dynamic compared to other hair dryers. While ordinary hair dryers increase the strength level to increase the airflow speed and temperature for a shorter blow-dry time; Quick Dry achieves the same goal by the advanced convection dynamic and mechanism. It provides a better airflow speed and also higher temperature, however, the multi-direction design can also diffuse the heat from focusing too much on the scalp to ensure the health of the hair and follicles.

Kenford Group Holdings Limited, a company that specialises in hair products, was introduced to Law Yee Cheung’s work through the Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA). Kenford then decided to work on this product together with Law. The「DesignXcel」team partnered with HKEAIA to offer a platform to showcase their collaborative outcome, and let the public know more about futuristic design.


為保護一眾女士的秀髮,香港知專設計學院的產品設計畢業生羅以翔決定研制一個有別於一般吹風機動力學原理的產品。一般吹風機以加強馬力和熱力來增強乾髮效果,Quick Dry首創對流式出風能令頭髮更快乾透而不傷髮絲。多向式烘乾避免了過於集中刺激頭皮,從而達致毛囊和髮質均更健康的效果。

專門出品電子美髮產品的建福集團控股有限公司洞悉市場需求,在香港電器業協會的介紹下,答應與設計畢業生羅以翔共同研發了Quick Dry這套雙重氣流乾髮系統。《設計列陣》團隊夥拍香港電器業協會,為他們的設計成果提供平台曝光,令更多人能夠了解未來派設計。

Design Graduate:

Law Yee Cheung | 羅以翔


Kenford Group Holdings Limited | 建福集團控股有限公司

Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) | 香港電器業協會



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院