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Project Description




Every pet lover and owner may have the dream to stay with their pets every day for the rest of their life, as they see their pets as their family members. To ensure a healthy life for their pets, owners would try their best to walk them everyday; however, weather might not always be on their side. When it rains or storms hit, owners may not be able to bring their pets out to exercise.

The HKDI Product design graduate Ho Wing Hang had the same problem, that is why he designed PetFit, a machine that works similar to a treadmill but combined with a bicycle machine can be placed indoor in case the weather is bad outside. While the pets run on the treadmill, the owner can also exercise with the bicycle. For a better bonding experience, the heights of both the treadmill and bicycle parts on PetFit are adjusted to more or less the same level.

With PetFit, owners and pets can work hard on their perfect bodies and health together. The「DesignXcel」team would like to spread this co-exercising idea to the public through the exhibition.




Design Graduate:

Ho Wing Hang | 何永亨


Wing Sang Bakelite Electrical Manufactory Limited | 永生膠木電器廠有限公司

Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) | 香港電器業協會



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院