Project Description

Pamycarie ZINNIA



Despite being an environmental and interior design graduate, Carrie Yung always has an obsession with resin handicrafts, so much to the extent that she opened a retail store Pamycarie with her mom to create handmade resin floral accessories exclusively. With such dedication to craftsmanship, she is determined to make a name of her of her design collections through more product exposure, and this is where the「DesignXcel」team came into aid.

「DesignXcel」showcased Carrie’s latest collection “Pamycarie Zinnia”, which is the inspirational origin of her collections of the other collaborations of resin and glass tile series with the team and other industry collaborators. Zinnia, known for its vibrant colour variety, is specially selected to be the main theme flower for this collection. Each handcrafted zinnia petal is outlined with blue, coral or magenta colour to bring in the ocean elements. Zinnia revolves around mermaids, princesses, marine creations, gems and crystals. The collection is all about glamour, elegance and fantasy that every girl adores.

She mainly used white, aqua, gold and pink zinnia flowers to express the idea of summer such as ocean, tropics and beaches. They were also coated with glitter that gave an extra shininess and a clearer image of the themes covered. To link zinnia with mermaids and princesses, distinctive accessories were included: gold plated flowers symbolise the earth while pearls remind one of the sea. Pamycarie’s Zinnia – Aqua and Mermaid will unlock the world of fairytale, guiding you through the realm of fantasy.


《設計列陣》將展出容逸揚的最新作品「Pamycarie Zinnia」,也是她與《設計列陣》和協作伙伴其他樹脂作品的靈感來源。百日草(Zinnia)以艷麗顏色品種聞名,每片手造百日草花瓣用上藍色、珊瑚或洋紅色增添海洋氣息。百日草系列圍繞美人魚、公主、海洋生物、寶石和水晶,作品充滿每個女生都嚮往的魅力、優雅和幻想。


Design Graduate:

Yung Yat Yeung, Carrie | 容逸揚





Environmental & Interior Design | School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | 香港理工大學設計學院