My Happy Time – Cantopop Exhibition | 我的快樂時代──香港廣東歌展覽 2017-11-16T07:21:49+00:00

Project Description

My Happy Time – Cantopop Exhibition | 我的快樂時代──香港廣東歌展覽



Named after the “King of Karaoke” Eason Chan’s theme song and album of the same title, “My Happy Time” is Kendrew Lee’s graduation project on a imaginary Cantonpop exhibition.

He has chosen the recent 4 decades of Cantonese songs from 1977-2017 and categorised them into 4 periods. The main  theme colours cover orange, pink, and blue, which correspond not only to the budding rise, golden age and perplexed years of the Cantonpop development, but each of them also represents the distinct feelings towards family, love and dream.

Rental for exhibition spaces is extremely high in Hong Kong, in retrospect, it would be very hard for Kendrew to turn his conceptual Cantonpop exhibition into reality without the support of「DesignXcel」and Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. Taking Kendrew to the giant printing facility of Hung Hing in Tai Po was then a truly eye-opening experience for him, as Toto Wong, Design Manager of Hung Hing, had personally walked the「DesignXcel」group through different printing machines as a friendly introduction.

Given the chance to test different effects through Hung Hing that would otherwise be unknown to Kendrew, he redesigned and improved his graphics and design products including monthly calendars, posters and postcards. He also got to work with an in-house designer on materials and preferences of printing such as spot-UV, foil blocking on matte silver card and PP synthetic board.





Design Graduate:

Lee Kai Him, Kendrew | 李佳謙


Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. | 鴻興印刷集團有限公司



Visual Communication | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院