Mushroom Effect |「獨菇不只一味」 2017-11-16T09:34:28+00:00

Project Description

Mushroom Effect |「獨菇不只一味」



The design graduate Joyce Chin has created mushrooms full of colours in her final-year project, and people who have eaten these mushrooms will become exceptionally excited. The mushrooms are a metaphor of an excited spirit and motivated actions, which are the most important prerequisites for young people in pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Being accredited with the Outstanding Award by the Macau Y Show 2017, the「DesignXcel」team also found Joyce’s graphics design brilliant as it is highly adaptable to other areas such as product or interior design. Meanwhile, we also observed the superb craftsmanship of Tai Ping Carpets and that they often incorporates ideas of different designers such as architects for crossover designs to highlight the brand’s creativity. The pairing of Joyce to Tai Ping embodies the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration, as the graduate may extend her works to other design categories, the brand could also display its creativity.

Tai Ping Carpets is a Hong Kong brand that is meticulous about design and craftsmanship, they totally appreciate and agree with the Joyce’s design concept of “Mushroom Effect”. As a result, Tai Ping decided to work with Joyce and turn her 2D graphics into a few selected 3D crafted mushrooms that pop out of the 2m x 3m carpet.

Throughout the process of collaboration, Joyce came to understand that the patterns of a carpet can be altered by the different crafting techniques and materials, as well as the weaving options during carpet making. Nonetheless, with the attempt to introduce innovative power to the brand, Tai Ping Carpets is willing to offer this opportunity to the young design graduate to experiment with her whimsical ideas.





Design Graduate:

Chin Lok Yi, Joyce | 陳諾宜


Tai Ping Carpets International Limited | 太平地氈有限公司

Macau Y Show 2017 | 澳門「Y設計展」2017



Advertising | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院