Project Description

Mushroom Effect Chair | 「獨菇不只一味」


William Chiang, the Founder and Chief Designer of Hong Kong hardwood furniture brand Elmood Ltd., would love to produce furniture rarely available to the market with craft-and-technology-driven design. Together with two design graduates Joyce Chin and Nelca Wan, William initiated their collaboration by developing new crafts to be incorporated into a chair of Elmood design.

Aspiring to take a refreshing design approach, the idea of collaboration was proposed by William, who wanted to wrap furniture with a certain material. Since there are curved surfaces on the furniture, how patterns could be transferred to the wooden furniture without distortion had become the major challenge to provide customers a brand new visual impact. The「DesignXcel」team gathered the aforementioned two design graduates from different fields and schools to work on William’s challenge to develop the new crafts together. While William offered professional advices and guidance on the development of craft and technology, the「DesignXcel」team worked as a mediator, and Nelca was responsible for researching on and testing the new technology. The end product has been completed within only two months since its initiation; yet, the goal of the collaboration is to refine this craft and make it applicable to other furniture items.

In terms of pattern design, Joyce would insert mushrooms of sharp colours onto the chair. People who eat the mushrooms will become ecstatic. The design serves as a metaphor for young people, to whom an ecstatic spirit and the courage to execute are the most required when it comes to chasing their dreams.

In addition to the wooden parts covered with bright red mushroom patterns, Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd. shared constructive advices and experience on the printing of patterns for the canvas seat and chair back, while TML Apparel Ltd. monitored the technical considerations of the printing process. However, this is only the beginning of the craft development; research and development shall continue to further this technology and craft for applications to other furniture design.




除了木材部份以鮮紅色的蘑菇圖案包裹,帆布座位和椅背上的印刷由金鷹(福建)印刷有限公司提供專業意見和指導,TML Apparel Ltd.則負責印刷過程中的技術考量。一張椅子由多方協作,故事從而誕生;但這只是故事的開端,研究和開發會延續下去,務求讓此技術和工藝可運用在其他目的和家俱設計上。

Design Graduate:

Chin Nok Yi, Joyce | 陳諾宜

Wan Chi Yuen, Nelca | 尹志遠


Elmood Ltd. | 如木

Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd. | 金鷹(福建)印刷有限公司

TML Apparel Ltd.



Advertising | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院

Interior Design | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院