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Project Description

Mr. Box



The rise of the 3D printing and modelling technologies has offered much room for the latest development of cartoon or animation characters as well as illustrations. It is always hard to create a simple character that looks cute and at the same time appeals to the mass with sustained popularity. The「DesignXcel」team has discovered a quality character with such potential to go viral, which is Patrick Tang’s final-year project “Mr. Box”.


The inspiration of Mr. Box actually came from the English phrase “Think Out of the Box” for creativity. Patrick employs an average carton box as the head of his character, since creativity always comes from ordinary objects in daily life. The cloudy smoke that forms Mr. Box’s body is also the representation of the thinking bubbles of creative ideas.


As Patrick already had his 3D rendering artwork of “Mr. Box” ready, the team directly contacted Garett Wong, Design Director of Thingzcube 3D Printing Ltd. and Paco Wu, General Manager of Mings 3D Solutions Limited to see what else could be done to improve his work. Both collaborators found Patrick talented and his character concept interesting, therefore they advised him to consider turning the character into a functional cardholder for better market positioning. Eventually the cute Mr. Box cardholder was developed together by the three through 3D printing.


三維打印和造型技術的興起大大開拓了動畫插畫角色的發展空間。要創造既可愛又能長期討好大眾的角色實在不容易,《設計列陣》團隊卻找到這樣的角色,就是鄧漢璘的Mr. Box。

Mr. Box的靈感來自英文短句「Think out of the Box(跳出框架思考)」。創意往往來自日常生活的普通物件,鄧漢璘繼而用上普通的紙箱做角色的頭部。雲煙的身體比喻創意思維的思考狀態。

當鄧漢璘準備好Mr. Box的三維設計,團隊直接聯絡形方三維打印有限公司設計總監黃偉漢及明仕新科技有限公司總經理胡啟明,探討如何進一步改善作品。這些協作伙伴建議他將角色變成實用的卡片座,以達致更佳的市場定位,最終三方共同完成了Mr. Box卡片座。

Design Graduate:

Tang Hon Lun, Patrick  | 鄧漢璘


Mings 3D Solutions Limited | 明仕新科技有限公司

Thingzcube 3D Printing Ltd. | 形方三維打印有限公司



Creative Media | City University of Hong Kong | 香港城市大學