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Project Description

Monster Wooden Stools | 怪獸木凳子



Hong Kong people are typically fast-paced, busy, and putting too much emphasis on money and materialistic pleasures. We often forget that happiness could be simple, and actually a lot of things around us can bring us joy easily. The graduation work of design graduate Yeung Sin Man is essentially a storytelling project to enliven the city by transforming street objects into “Street Monsters”. Each of them will then be telling a story to inform us that happiness is all around us, if we pay more attention to our surroundings.

Yeung has created a variety of animated and colourful facial features with 3D eyeballs. She then applied these animated facial features onto a photo of the actual street objects such as rubbish bin or post box with a quote next to each to express their feelings visibly. Even Yeung commented “the style is rough and kind of ugly, but it connects to the feelings of the street objects – dirty, abandoned, ignored.”

Ball Cheung, Assistant Design Manager of Team Green, spotted Yeung’s “Street Monsters” at PolyU HKCC Design Annual Show 2017 during the “Point2Command” Guided Tour organised by the「DesignXcel」team, and by then he had already informed the team his intention to collaborate with Yeung.

With the assistance of「DesignXcel」, together they decided to apply the styles and principle of “Street Monsters” and their facial features on Team Green’s upcoming new product – the 3D DIY wooden stools. This way, the setting of the monsters is moved indoors from the streets back into the households, where stories of daily life can be told through the stools’ angle in the form of bubble quotes.


楊倩文利用立體眼球創作了數個動態和色彩繽紛的五官設計,之後將它們貼在垃圾桶和郵箱等街道物件上,旁邊用文字表達其情緒,連楊倩文也稱作品「風格粗糙,有點醜陋,但呼應了這些街道物件的感覺 — 骯髒、被遺棄、被忽視」。


得到《設計列陣》的幫助,他們決定將「街道怪獸」和牠們五官的風格和原理加入綠團的新產品 — 3D立體DIY木凳子。這樣,怪獸由街道引進室內,回歸家居,凳子角落的對話泡泡訴說日常生活的故事。

Design Graduate:

Yeung Sin Man | 楊倩文


Starlite Visual Communication Ltd. | Team Green

星光視覺媒體有限公司 | 綠團



Visual Communication | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Community College