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Project Description

Mix & Match



The Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA) was incepted in 1955. HKF&DA is a non-profit organisation with the longest history in and most representative of the Hong Kong furniture industry. HKF&DA has been providing constant support to the furniture design students. Not only did they share the creative concepts and production challenges of the industry with the students, but they also sponsored design graduates for the production of their final-year projects of 1: 1 scale.

As a result of the collaboration prompted by the「DesignXcel」programme between Jane Tong, HKF&DA Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General cum Giormani’s Founder and Executive Director and the HKDI design graduate May Shum, the “Mix & Match” design has come to life. During the collaboration, Jane has offered professional guidance and advices for the prototype production of May’s furniture piece, pushing forward Hong Kong’s original designs and creative culture.

When it comes to design philosophy, Mix and Match also shares the same innovative and versatile spirit of Giormani. It targets the market of young people, as they would love to invite friends to dine-in and chit-chat at home despite their living environment is generally small. The double-seater sofa design of Mix & Match can be freely detached to become a four-seater; its colours and materials can also be mixed and matched randomly according to personal habit and taste for an expression of individual character and attitude.

During normal days, the double-seater sofa helps to save space, but when needed, it is expandable to serve the guests, a multi-purpose sofa, Mix & Match is the perfect fit for young people.

香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會(HKF&DA)創立於1955 年,是香港家俱行業歷史最悠久、最具代表性的家俱裝飾業非牟利團體。香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會(HKF&DA)一直支持家俱設計系的同學,向學生分享業界的創作意念、生產挑戰,亦贊助學生將畢業作品製作成一比一的成品。

作品「Mix & Match」是商會常務副主席及秘書長暨「茲曼尼」創辦人兼執行董事唐慕貞與香港知專畢業生沈頌婷在《設計列陣》計劃下促成的合作成果。當中唐董事提供指導及專業意見,協助製作沈同學的原型家俱,致力推動香港原創精神及創意文化。

在創作理念上,Mix & Match與茲曼尼一貫創新求變的精神亦同出一轍。Mix & Match主打年輕人市場,縱使香港普遍居住環境狹小,但年輕人仍喜歡邀請朋友到家中作客,增進感情。Mix & Match的雙座位梳化設計可以被隨意拆解,轉換成四個座位;顏色和物料方亦可以自由配搭,根據個人習慣和喜好挑選,以不同配搭表達個人性格及生活態度。


Design Graduate:

Shum Chung Ting, May | 沈頌婷


Giormani | 兹曼尼
Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association





Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院