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Project Description




In the highly competitive and demanding environment of Hong Kong, daily reports of suicidal cases are no longer news. Unfortunately, the phenomenon has begun to spread from adults to the teenagers and kids. Focusing on the youngsters’ emotional frustration in the 4 areas of personal, family, school and friendship issues, the design graduate Dada Lee has conducted a thorough research, which she transformed into her final-year graphics project “Marrow”.

Marrow, literally the essence of the bone, reflects that what is most

valuable is hidden and “Under the Skin”, this becomes the slogan of the project. The statement prevents people from easily giving up or feeling baffled due to present setback, urging them instead to see beyond skin deep happenings. The core product of candle is chosen because of its flexibility in form and shape, in addition, the common practice of using candles to set certain mood for celebration and aromatherapy also suggests the product can be a guiding light in the dark both physically and metaphorically.

Marrow is actually a candle brand that goes with a set of gift card, brand card, poster and catalog to visualise the 4 problems of the targeted 16-30 age group. As an encouragement for the group to think positively, Dada put in the little surprise: when the candle is completely consumed, the owner will get a positive statement or motto similar to a fortune cookie. Toto Wong, Design Manager of Hung Hing, agreed with her positive thinking and joined hands with the「DesignXcel」team to produce her design items, so that young people can “see the bright side” through her thoughtful candle experience.


「Marrow」即骨髓,是藏於外殼之下的精華,「Under the Skin」就是項目的口號。項目提倡不應因一時的挫折而輕易放棄或困惑,呼籲大眾發掘事物的深層意義。造型富彈性的蠟燭是項目的主要產品,可以塑造不同情調,用於慶典或芳香療法皆可,物理上和精神上都可於漆黑中照亮方向。


Design Graduate:

Lee Sze Yi, Dada | 李思儀


Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. | 鴻興印刷集團有限公司



Graphic Design | Caritas Bianchi College of Careers | 明愛白英奇專業學校