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Project Description

Kung Wo Soy Bean Factory | 公和荳品



Jocker Wong, design graduate of CO1 – School of Visual Arts, had taken the century-old Kung Wo Soy Bean Factory as her imaginary client. She created a rebranding project for the factory by first hypothesising that branches of “Kung Wo Soy Bean Factory” would open in MTR-covered areas and shopping malls.

To establish a clean, modern, nice, interesting and fresh image of Kung Wo, the “Soy Bean family members” would be employed for the new packaging. Three new posters show members of the family swimming, enjoying hot springs and practising yoga respectively. Viewers would be able to associate soybean products with health and suitability for both the old and young. Most packages come in squares and cubes so that they resemble the shape of tofu.

The「DesignXcel」team found the packaging very cute at first sight and had thought that Wong did rebrand the shop to target younger customers. The team wanted to discuss collaboration with Kung Wo. However, the factory had been temporarily closed for renovation. The team would still love to realise Wong’s design as the beautiful packaging might be able to attract the factory when they reopen and get to see her design. Therefore, the team contacted and met Toto Wong, Design Manager of Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. The two sides come together to support Wong’s original design with premium printing materials and techniques.





Design Graduate:

Wong Sze Chai, Jocker | 王思齊


Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd.  | 鴻興印刷集團有限公司




Visual Arts | CO1 – School of Visual Arts | CO1 設計學校