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Project Description

IKAT-Woven Furniture – IKAT Low Lounge



Ikat, literally meaning “tying up”, is a traditional Indonesian craft of weaving and tie dyeing. The design graduate Kurnia Jessamine wants to integrate the traditional aesthetics and knowledge of this craft into modern furniture design. The「DesignXcel」team encouraged the graduate to collaborate with a local partner to implement this fantastic design of immense potential in Hong Kong.

Three Keys Craft Space is passionate about promoting Hong Kong’s crafts culture. They appreciate the Indonesian-style design of Kurnia enormously and hence agreed to collaborate.

The concept of this work is interweaving memories. Kurnia thinks that throughout the timeline of historicity, the past weaves the future. The winding and collection of the past form the reactions towards one’s self-identity and self-exploration.

The interlocking pattern of Ikat is beautiful and flexible. It also symbolises the intersection of the past. The Raffles design graduate hopes to produce the reminiscence of important moments in the past through the choice of materials, structuring and craft. Personal emotions of the users shall also be constructed.

Ikat 在印尼語中是綑扎的意思,是印尼一種織布和扎染的傳統工藝。設計畢業生Kurnia Jessamine希望把這手藝的傳統美學與智慧用於現代感的家俱設計作品中。《設計列陣》團隊認為這是一個非常好的概念,鼓勵畢業生在本地尋找協作伙伴,在香港生產,潛力極大。


Three Keys Craft Space熱衷於推廣本港手工藝文化,對於Raffles畢業生Kurnia的印尼工藝設計極為欣賞,促成了這次合作。





Design Graduate:

Kurnia Jessamine


Three Keys Craft Space




Raffles International College (Hong Kong)