Project Description

Horizon | 地平說


Most people in the modern world know by fact that our planet Earth is a sphere. However, a minority group of people still advocate the archaic belief of the Earth being flat, which is why they formed the International Flat Earth Research Society. Intrigued by the Flat Earth theory, a group of Hong Kong Polytechnic University digital media graduates dedicated their final-year project to produce a 30-minute short film called “Horizon” to express their fascination.

Horizon revolves around the science lover Lee Chi Ho (Aaron Chow), who has to give up his dream for his family. He believes that the Earth is flat but he never tells anyone about his weird idea. One day he encounters a strange uncle (Wong Shu Tong), who lives in a mysterious spaceship filled with documents on Flat Earth. Lee’s son takes after his belief on Flat Earth, and is being teased by everyone in the school including the teacher. To defend his son and their belief, Lee eventually decides to travel to the space with the uncle’s spaceship.

Unlike many low-budget productions from students, the student team led by Rony invested 6 figures to realise their fantasy. Rony’s team of course has what it takes to make a film; however, the film would not have been so successful without the excellent performance of the two male leads, Wong Shu Tong and Aaron Chow, to whom they had spent half their overall budget.

The「DesignXcel」team understands the importance of the cast, hence agrees that their decision to stick to their original filmmaking budget on the actors is worth it. Rony also acknowledged the benefits of working with the professionals, while the presence of a veteran actor or a good-looking star always adds to a film in terms of reception, the design graduates also gain valuable advices and experiences by physically engaging themselves in the working process and environment of Horizon.

大部份現代人都清楚知道地球是圓球體的事實。可是,有一小撮人仍堅持「地球是平的」遠古學說,亦因此創辦了國際地平說學會。因為對「地球是平的」學說著迷,一群香港理工大學創意數碼媒體的設計畢業生以畢業作品 - 一段名為「地平說」的30分鐘短片表達他們的奇想。

短片內容圍繞一名因家庭而放棄夢想的科學狂熱者李志豪(周祉君飾)。他一直深信地球是平的,卻從未跟外人提起過他的怪異想法。有一天,他偶遇了一名奇怪大叔(黃樹棠飾),此男子居住在一艘神秘的太空船上,而船上更滿載地平學說的文獻。李的兒子傳承了他對地平說的信念,更因此被同學及老師恥笑。為守護兒子和他們的共同信念, 李決定要乘大叔的太空船穿梭到太空中。



Design Graduate:

Chow Yin Man | 周讌雯

Ho Xi Cei | 何師齊

Kong Ka You, Rony | 江嘉嶢

Kwan Yan Nok | 關恩諾


Actor | Aaron Chow | 周祉君

Actor | Wong Shee Tong | 黃樹棠



Digital Media | Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Design | 香港理工大學設計學院