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Project Description

Hong Kong Story | 港故事



In view of the stereotypical international imaginary of Hong Kong as the static Oriental Pearl or Asia’s Financial Centre, the design graduate David Tam was determined to project a different local cityscape with “Hong Kong Story” through his minimalist graphics.

Understanding as a student David had little resources and access to printing technologies or paper options, the「DesignXcel」team then served as a design agent to team up David with the established local printer Asia One and major paper supplier Polytrade for an upgraded edition of his postcard sets with gold stamping on white premium paper.

As Asia One shared constructive insights with David to target the tourists by leaving some empty space for one to write on and truly incorporating local stories through providing brief texts of each district’s landmark or characteristics, Polytrade gave practical advices on paper choices and packaging to enhance the appeal of the postcards.

To add more values to David’s graphics,「DesignXcel」took it further to introduce him Team Green’s 3D wooden puzzles, which brought forth the latter’s brand new Hong Kong 3D puzzle series of 18 districts. Due to limited time for development, they resorted to a simplified version of plug-in wooden plates, instead of the more complicated scene models of assemble jigzle parts. Still, it has been a great leap forward for David’s creativity from 2D graphics to 3D products.





Design Graduate:

Tam Yim Pui, David | 譚炎培


Asia One Printing Ltd. | 宏亞印務有限公司

Polytrade Paper Corporation Ltd. | 友邦洋紙有限公司

Starlite Visual Communication Ltd. | Team Green

星光視覺媒體有限公司 | 綠團




Graphic Design | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education | 香港大學專業進修學院