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Project Description

HKDI Eyewear Design Graduates  x Big Horn



Our eyes are the windows to our souls, they need protection from the glasses. Same as anything that people wear on their body, it has to be presentable. Five graduates from Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) decided to work on fashionable eyewear. However, as much as the「DesignXcel」team appreciates graduates’ fresh and crazy ideas, sometimes it might be difficult to realise their designs in real life.

Kevin Ching, Creative Director of Big Horn, loves to create chic eyewear to promote his individual style. His profession is to balance fashionable design with production possibility. The「DesignXcel」team spotted the common interest on both the graduates and Kevin, and therefore lined them up for collaborations.

Chan Wai Mau’s eyewear uses materials and form to show the concept that both strength and a soft heart are required to serve justice. While the curves and redwood represent a soft heart, the stainless steel and geometric form represent toughness.  

The structure of Fu Chi Yan’s eyewear is inspired by the beehive. A beehive is a naturally formed habitat structure for the honeybees, which contributes to the internal structure of a densely packed group of hexagonal cells. To represent the beehive structure, folding or grouping will be applied to form a fun 3D model.

Oscar Ng’s idea came from neon billboards of different sizes in Hong Kong. When you look up in the street, the neon lights absolutely make you feel amazing. That is why Oscar finally utilised this signature of Hong Kong – the neon billboards and night view – as the theme and name of his design ‘’’’. The eyewear is made of many metal boxes inspired by the Hong Kong night scenery with neon billboards.

The designs of Nicola Cheung and Enoch Yan share similar ideas of the uniqueness of human beings. Nicola was inspired by the uniqueness of everyone’s DNA. According to official reports, every person is different from another’s DNA for 0.1%, and that determines the differences of all people. Her design shows the special sequence of this 0.1% to remind people that they are always special and unique.

On the other hand, the focus of Enoch Yan lies in the uniqueness of the human brain. He was inspired by the human wisdom, of its ability to predict the future, create new objects and invent new technologies. All the novelties exist thanks to human wisdom and the uniqueness of the human brain.

These eyewear design graduates met with Kevin Ching and presented to him their ideas, they discussed about the details as to how they could proceed to production. Kevin also gave multiple suggestions to them on how to balance their creativity and production in real life.

To test the graduates’ ability to strike a balance between innovation and production requirements, Mings 3D Solutions Limited would sponsor the 3D printing of their eyewear designs.  


Big Horn的設計總監程永成喜愛運用時尚的眼鏡推廣他的個人風格,他的專業就是平衡時尚設計與生產可行性,《設計列陣》團隊發現了兩方的共同興趣,便促成了今次協作。






這些眼鏡設計畢業生聯絡了Big Horn的設計總監程永成,展現了他們的意念和商討怎樣落實設計。程永成給予他們平衡時尚設計與生產可行性的意見。


Design Graduate:

Chan Wai Mau, Nightz | 陳衛牟

Cheung Pui Yan, Nicola | 張珮滺

Fu Chi Yan | 傅志恩

Ng Ka Ming, Oscar | 吳家銘

Yan Yau Yin, Enoch | 甄祐賢


Wing Fung Optical International Ltd. | Big Horn

榮豐眼鏡國際有限公司 | Big Horn

Mings 3D Solutions Limited | 明仕新科技有限公司



Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院