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Project Description

Green Council Certification Mark Development | 環保促進會認證標誌構思



In response to an increasing global awareness on sustainable development and environmental protection, most local design schools have already included eco-friendliness and social responsibility in their curriculum as part of the major grading criteria. The academic direction is made clear especially when the「DesignXcel」team saw Cherub Wong’s final-year project “Let’s Get Veg!”, an infographics poster that states the benefits of going green in terms of the impacts on both personal and environmental health.

The「DesignXcel」team connected Cherub, whose ideas are perfectly in tune with the motto of Green Council to promote conservation through education, with Linda Ho, Chief Executive Officer of the Council to further explore plans for environmental protection. Linda and Cherub were both positive about a potential collaborative work as they exchanged on their previous projects and views respectively.

Green Council thus engaged Cherub directly in the graphics development of their upcoming Green Council Certification mark to encourage the industrial and commercial sectors to include environmental protection in their production and management processes. This could be a very good enrichment for Cherub’s professional portfolio as the certification scheme is meant to be of industrial authority.

Following the corporate guidelines of Green Council to include the elements of the leaf and bird that signify greenery and an ideal living environment, Cherub came up with two major designs – venation and tree bark. The venation is a leaf’s channel to absorb water and nutrition, very similar to the human veins that also symbolise the family lineage and traditions, the venation also alludes to Green Council’s continual awareness paid to environmental consciousness. The tree bark plays an important role in the ecosystem, such as being the habitat for insects and fungi, and also the materials for medicine, herbs, fabric, ship building and painting, just like how Green Council functions as an extensive social body to advocate environmental protection.

大部份本地設計學院都在課程的評分準則中,加入生態環保和社會責任元素,回應全球日漸提昇的可持續發展及環保意識。當《設計列陣》團隊看到黃曉彤的畢業作品「Let’s Get Veg!」時,這個學術趨勢更見明顯。她的海報運用信息圖表,指出綠色生活對個人及環境健康的影響。



按環保促進會需要用樹葉和雀鳥代表綠化和理想生活環境的指引,黃曉彤做了兩款設計 – 葉脈與樹皮。葉脈是樹葉用以輸送水分和養分的管道,其功能和人體的血管相似。一脈相承就是從同一血統和派別世代把思想承傳下來,有繼承的關係,喻意環保促進會向不同界別和市民大眾推廣環保意識,其環保意識將被延續下去。樹皮在生態環境中扮演一個重要的角色,例如為昆蟲提供居所。加上樹皮的功能廣泛,可用作提煉藥物、香料、織布、繪製樹皮畫等。這就如環保促進會在社會上的角色一樣廣泛,而且其功能對生態環境亦非常重要。

Design Graduate:

Wong Hiu Tung, Cherub | 黃曉彤


Green Council | 環保促進會



Visual Communication | HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education