Project Description

Foldaway Shoe Rack



Housing has always been a major problem to citizens of Hong Kong, not only is the rent expensive, but their living environment is also very tiny. Living under such conditions, residents can only afford to pay and place compact furniture in their home.

With the limitations of compact living environment and the need to relocate frequently, Tsang Tsz Ting has designed a portable shoe rack – “Foldaway Shoe Rack” – to accommodate needs of Hong Kong urban dwellers. The shoe rack is composed of two sides, each side consists of two shelves that can be opened up to 180° to fit different home settings and arrangements.

Inspired by the idea of Tsang Tsz Ting, Elmood and Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Suppliers Co. Ltd. provided their professional production experiences and materials to realise her design. In the process, the「DesignXcel」team, has been one of the crucial partners to promote and showcase the collaborative effort.


因為面對細小的居住環境和需要經常搬遷,所以曾芷婷設計了一個可攜式鞋架「Foldaway Shoe Rack」。鞋架由兩邊組成,每邊有兩層架,最多可以180度張開,配合不同家居設計和限制。


Design Graduate:

Tsang Tsz Ting | 曾芷婷


Elmood | 如木

Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Supplier Co. Ltd. | 明達行裝飾材料集團有限公司



Products  | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院