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Project Description

Flexible Furniture in Urban Living



The “snail homes” (partitioned flats) of Hong Kong people are world-famous. Tailor-made furniture is essential for flexible use of space, but bespoke furniture is more costly. When one moves houses, these furniture pieces would not even fit the new flat. Not only are money and time wasted, landfills will also be burdened. This has thus become an unfriendly practice to the environment.

In response to the above observations, the design graduate Chan Pak Ho designed furniture with the concept of high flexibility. A set of household system was created in different sizes to fit flats of different sizes, regardless of them being square, rectangular or diamond in shape.

Since its preparatory stage, the「DesignXcel」team had met with the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA) and proposed the idea of collaboration. Collaborations between design graduates and furniture brands would foster connections between the graduates and the industry, hence providing the industry with creativity and imagination.

HKF&DA and Joineur Family Store Limited are big fans of Chan’s idea as the work suits Hong Kong’s environment and helps reduce waste at the same time. Both parties from the industry and the graduate started to make the design happen, yet it has been a challenging task since both dimension and functionality have to be considered.





Design Graduate:

Chan Pak Ho | 陳栢豪


Joineur Family Store Limited | 木作坊家品有限公司

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association | 香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會




Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院