Project Description



In the modern society, people spend most of their time working and less time at home. Even when it comes to eating, people prefer food that can be prepared quickly to the enjoyment of taste. Furthermore, even if people like to cook, it is also very common that their home does not have enough space to cook specific dishes, or simply have no space to accommodate the equipment needed.

With the help of the Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) and「DesignXcel」team, the design graduate Wong Chun Kit was successful in getting the sponsorship from G.E.W., a very experienced home appliances company, to produce the prototype of his graduation work of the compact electric appliance “Fish”. Later, “Fish” was also exhibited at the「DesignXcel」exhibition.

“Fish” helps family process fresh fishes. The main body of Fish can help remove fins from the body of fishes quickly; its debone/slice mode can also enable the family to cut fishes into desired shapes. In addition, the blade on the top can also process and mince fish into fish cakes for fillings.





Design Graduate:

Wong Chun Kit | 黃俊傑


G.E.W. International Corporation Limited | 通用國際企業有限公司

Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) | 香港電器業協會



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院