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Project Description

Family Mascot



The design graduate Odo Lee is aware that many families have communication problems or are only loosely connected. Therefore, he decided to set up a community project to create mascots for families. The project aims to help parents transfer their family values to their children.

The 「DesignXcel」 team and Patrick Yeung, Managing Director of Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd. feel that most children nowadays are spoiled. They would rather dwell in the internet or electronic games than interact with their families. The team will capitalise on the 13-day 「DesignXcel」 exhibition opportunity at the Hong Kong Central Library to promote the importance of family education at a young age through Patrick’s printing of Odo’s products.

In addition to mascot storybooks, there will be origami instruction books, games and stickers that attract kids. Through the products, parents may instill intangible family values in children by telling the story of the mascot. Also, the mascot will be able to prevent communication problems between family members and strengthen togetherness. Odo hopes that his work would implicitly construct beautiful shared memories between family members and make them treasure their moments together.



項目當中除了有吉祥物的故事書,還有摺紙教學本、輔助遊戲組合和貼紙等等能夠吸引小朋友的。通過設計成品,父母可以講述吉祥物的故事和它的個性,繼而向孩子灌輸無形的家庭價值。 此外,吉祥物還可以防止及改善家庭成員之間的溝通問題,增強彼此的凝聚力。李希望這件作品能夠做到潛移默化,為家人建立美好的共同回憶,從而學會珍惜相處的機會。

Design Graduate:

Lee Tsz Him, Odo 李子謙


Gold Eagle Printing Co. Ltd.  | 金鷹(福建)印刷有限公司



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