Project Description

EJI x Pamycarie Masquerade Mask | 雅寶 x Pamycarie化妝舞會面具



Once the「DesignXcel」team got to know that the environmental & interior design graduate Carrie Yung had already possessed her own brand and opened a retail store Pamycarie with the assistance of her mom, everyone was curious as to how she came to work for handcrafted floral resin accessories instead of indoor and exhibition settings. She revealed that she always has an affinity with craftsmanship and feels a strong urge to make something out of it.

The team noticed that the time and efforts taken to work on each fine and little detail of the accessory pieces could hardly be paid off if she could only produce a small batch in quantity in the long run. That is why a meeting with the high-end jewellery brand, Elegance Jewellery International (EJI) was set up for her to explore the potential of fine jewellery that goes well with her handcrafted resin flower. The conclusion was a Venetian masquerade mask, but one that would be reduced in size as an elegant yet enticing brooch titled “The Columbina Masquerade Mask” to highlight the collaborative input. Very soon, the artistic creation was already seen and showcased at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair with EJI, followed by the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show under the pavilion of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA).

The Columbina Masquerade Mask from the collaboration is a couture mask that covers only half of the face, popularised by an early actress in the Commedia dell’arte of the same name. The typical Venetian mask style is rumoured to be designed for her because she did not wish to have her beautiful face concealed completely. To Carrie, the mask has therefore been a bold statement for women’s aesthetics, as it gives them agency to actively lure. The brooch is decorated with various gems and crystals of different sharp and passionate colours, together with the prominent resin flower, to create a mysterious and psychedelic feel, imitating and matching the flirtatious mood at a masquerade ball.


團隊察覺到製作每件精緻的飾物都很花時間和功夫,每次只能少量生產,長遠回報卻很微薄,因此為她約見高級珠寶品牌雅寶珠寶國際有限公司,探索能配合她樹脂花的珠寶。他們的結論是一種威尼斯化妝舞會面具,不過會縮小成一個高貴誘人的胸針,取名雅寶 x Pamycarie化妝舞會面具,以突顯兩方的合作。合作後不久,這件藝術創作已於香港珠寶首飾展覽會的雅寶展位中面世,之後亦會於香港珠寶製造業廠商會的香港珠寶購物節中展出供大家欣賞。


Design Graduate:

Yung Yat Yeung, Carrie | 容逸揚


Elegance Jewellery International Ltd. (EJI) | 雅寶珠寶國際有限公司

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association | 香港珠寶製造業廠商會有限公司



Environmental & Interior Design | School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | 香港理工大學設計學院