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Project Description

Details | 細節



The design graduate Ip Wing Kit has dedicated his final-year project, “Sh”, to his own kind – the introverts, who often need time to be alone and prefer listening to talking. Kit makes use of the gradient tones of blues to educate the public that to understand the introverts, it takes much time and enough space.

Breaking away from the stereotypical perception of introverts, Kit was quick to respond to the collaboration with Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd., a giant printing company the「DesignXcel」team had lined up for him. Instead of keeping quiet at the first meeting like other graduates might do, Kit spoke up and actively looked for an opportunity to participate in Hung Hing’s own on-going projects.

Kit’s enthusiasm was much appreciated and rewarded by Toto Wong, Design Manager of Hung Hing, who later got him involved in a major in-house project of the customised premium stationery set “Details”. During the co-development of the stationery collection that targets the bankers, Kit contributed by brainstorming and ideation. Together, Kit and the Hung Hing design team finally came up with “Details”, as they were inspired by the quote “details create the big picture” by the famous banker Sanford I. Weill.

“Details” can be regarded as an ultimate show hand of Hung Hing’s printing quality and splendid techniques. It is a series of premium box sets comprising fine stationery within, including but not limited to name card stand, greeting cards, calendar, notebook, note pad, pencil and red packets etc. These items are all dainty in their own ways, appearing subtle but speak glamourously on Hung Hing’s attentiveness to printing details through the effects of gold foil, embossing, laser cut, lamination, acrylic and art paper.



鴻興的設計經理黃圓圖很欣賞葉榮杰的熱情,並讓他參與內部定制文具項目「細節」。這個文具系列針對銀行家市場,共同發展的過程中,葉榮杰負責出謀獻策,最後雙方受著名銀行家Sanford I. Weill名句「細節創造大圖像」啟發,以「細節」作主題。


Design Graduate:

Ip Wing Kit | 葉榮杰


Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd. | 鴻興印刷集團有限公司



Advertising | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院