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Project Description

Dedicated to Nature | 致大自然


Picking up bits and pieces in the streets for personal collection, the design graduate Tiffany Chang has developed a keen eye for the beauty of nature over the years. Her final-year project “My Obsession” began with the dry parts of “Queen Lagerstoermia”, and later on the addition of an eclectic infusion of metal materials and natural objects. These objects she collected include seashells, mother of pearls, pearls, gemstones, walnut wood and sterling silver, they work in harmony to produce a snapshot of the transient beauty that can be found around us.

When asked by the「DesignXcel」team to meet with Ricky Lam, CEO of Elegance Jewellery International Ltd. (EJI), for a collaboration on fine jewellery, she had been curious as to how she could reincarnate her collected treasures of natural objects with different materials again. After their first meeting, Tiffany proposed to create a jewellery beetle with movable fore wings. Unfortunately, EJI had already released a beetle pin collection the year before, so she had to come up with something else.

It so happened that the strong Typhoon Hato in late August had ended up with plenty of botanical debris. Tiffany had collected a dead branch of Queen Lagerstoermia with a small dry flower on it. She then decided to extend her appreciation and “obsession” for the unnoticed small little things on the ground by taking the shape of the Queen Lagerstoermia’s calyx and corolla as the mold to create EJI’s new jewellery piece. However, instead of incorporating her collection of objects found on the roadside, EJI offers her the opportunity to access more precious materials such as gold, diamonds and pearls for fine jewellery creation.

Queen Lagerstoermia is commonly found everywhere in Hong Kong, yet we never really acknowledge its existence. Through the collaboration with EJI where high-end jewellery materials are used, Tiffany wishes to remind people of the beauty of nature and continues her story of ”small things matter”.

經過多年在路上拾取各式各樣的零碎物件,設計畢業生張葶漸漸培養出懂得欣賞自然之美的視野。她的畢業作品「My Obsession」始於大葉紫薇的枯枝落葉,其後折衷地融合了其他金屬物料和來自大自然的拾荒小物。這些小物件包括貝殼、貝母、珍珠、寶石、胡桃木和純銀等等,它們和諧地拼湊出近在我們身邊卻瞬息萬變的萬物剪影。




Design Graduate:

Chang Ting, Tiffany | 張葶


Elegance Jewellery International Ltd. (EJI) | 雅寶珠寶國際有限公司

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association Ltd | 香港珠寶製造業廠商會有限公司



Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院