Project Description




The final-year project of Dawn Yan is called “Connection”. She hopes to create a simple public chair that can enhance interpersonal connection while also creating personal spaces in public facilities, so that the community can be connected flexibly.

The design is inspired by the seats on Star Ferry. Seats arranged in splayed shape allow people to sit besides or opposite to each other. Sitting side by side facilitates communication while opposite sitting  bears a partition function. Users may enjoy personal spaces in the public areas.

The「DesignXcel」team is aware that final-year projects are increasingly sensitive to public affairs and wants to find the graduates like-minded partners. A member of the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA), Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd. appreciated the graduate’s care for the community and decided to guide and help her produce this chair. In fact, the graduate was yet to consider the feasibility of design and difficulty of production. Profilia supported these areas with its professional knowledge.

The seats and the connected parts are installed independently so that configuration may vary according to space and occasion. User may decide their level of interpersonal communication or personal space in different configurations. Visitors of the「DesignXcel」exhibition may try out the different types of spaces.








Design Graduate:

Yan Tan Fung, Dawn | 甄丹鳳


Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd. | 西德寶富麗(遠東)有限公司

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association | 香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院