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Project Description

Bondary Sofa



The Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA) was incepted in 1955. HKF&DA is a non-profit organisation with the longest history in and most representative of the Hong Kong furniture industry. HKF&DA has been providing constant support to the furniture design students. Not only did they share the creative concepts and production challenges of the industry with the students, but they also sponsored design graduates for the production of their final-year projects of 1: 1 scale.

Under the premise of「DesignXcel」to encourage large-scale company-school collaboration, among the many works of HKDI design graduates, the “Bondary Sofa” design has stood out particularly as a collaborative product between HKF&DA Executive Vice Chairman Gary Lui’s S&C Furniture Ltd. and the design graduate Eva Li. The success of Bondary Sofa owes much to Gary’s professional guidance and advices for the prototype production of the furniture piece.

S&C Furniture Ltd. was established in 2000, committed to develop and market household furniture and dedicated to infiltrate lifestyle aesthetics and environmental concepts into household products. The design concept of “Bondary Sofa” is to tighten the bonds within a family, and concentrate all work or other leisure activities in the living room, that is when Janice’s design synchronises with S&C Furniture’s purpose. As we get older and our workload becomes increasingly heavier, the time and space devoted to a full family reunion become less and less. The sofa has hence become an important tool for the family’s communication.

To reinforce the interaction and exchange between family members, Janice Li employs a two-way sofa design with handy control for the seated one to tilt forward or backward to increase exchanges. The back of the sofa is connected to a wooden surface for laptop or for meals, be it for work or for fun, the Bondary Sofa is a flexible furniture piece for the home.

香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會(HKF&DA)創立於1955 年,是香港傢俬行業歷史最悠久、最具代表性的家俱裝飾業非牟利團體。香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會一直支持家俱設計系的同學,向學生分享業界的創作意念、生產挑戰,亦贊助學生將畢業作品製作成一比一 的成品。

在《設計列陣》大力鼓吹商校協作的前提下,Bondary Sofa 從眾多香港知專學生作品中脱穎而出,由商會常務副主席呂紹雄的方圓家俱有限公司(S&C Furniture Ltd.)與設計畢業生李旖華合作,提供指導及專業意見,協助她將作品製作成原型家俱。

方圓家俱有限公司於2000年創立,致力於家居家具的研發及營銷,並將生活美學和綠色環保概念融入家居產品中。作品Bondary Sofa 的創作理念是為了加強家庭的聯繫,將工作或各類休閒活動集中於大廳,與方圓家俱的宗旨一脈相承。隨着年齡漸長和日益繁重的工作,一家人團聚的時間和空間愈來愈少,梳化便成為聯繫家人感情的重要工具。


Design Graduate:

Li Yi Wah, Eva | 李旖華


S&C Furniture Ltd. | 方圓傢俱有限公司

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association | 香港傢俬裝飾廠商總會



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院