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Project Description

Ass-Man | 屁屁人



Awareness for hygiene has increased through time, more and more people are applying skincare products to make themselves look clean and smell good. Trend-setting brands are introducing new products to meet public expectations. One of the freshly launched medicinal products is the Japanese Kobayashi, for the improvement of bad breath. The design graduate Kenneth Wong was inspired by this product and decided to create the hypothetical TV commercial (TVC) “Ass-Man” to advertise it.

Instead of using a traditional advertising approach or plot, Kenneth decided to be more down-to-earth and explicit, employing language that would synchronise more with the younger generation. Ass-Man compares anyone who has bad breath to the smelly fart, thus the head of the butt is created. Most people are usually ignorant of the fact that they have serious bad breath. In case these people cannot fix the problem on their own, others may still do something to help them.

Apart from selling the oral care products from Kobayashi, in his TVC Kenneth also introduced the audience some simple methods to avoid bad breath through different imagined scenarios, but in a really witty way, hoping that the project can push the bad breath sufferers to face their oral hygiene problem, and reduce their negative influence during communication. Identifying the cross-generation collaboration between Kobayashi and Kenneth. The「DesignXcel」team would like to provide a platform for him to showcase this collaboration to more people, and this resulted in his nomination to participate in the Macau Y Show 2017.




Design Graduate:

Kenneth Wong | 黃君諾


Macau Y Show 2017 | 澳門「Y 設計展」2017



Advertising | Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong | 香港高等教育科技學院