Are we actually the masters of our own destiny? | 其實命運係掌握喺自己手中? 2017-11-17T04:33:39+00:00

Project Description

Are we actually the masters of our own destiny? | 其實命運係掌握喺自己手中?



Starting from the same origin of Chinese seal engraving coincidentally, the two former HKBU classmates, Kacey Ip and Mickie Wong, were brought by the「DesignXcel」team to develop something new together. While Kacey’s final-year project was on seed engraving with Chinese characters that symbolise life’s philosophy of beginning and end; Mickie’s focused on how to preserve the family heritage of tonic soups by means of gelatinised soup, tonic ingredients and wax with oracle bone script seal engraving.


In an attempt to continue with their exploration on the traditional Chinese cultural materials, they concluded with a set of 12 round-shaped jade “Ping An Kou”, worn as pendants to keep the wearer safe and protected against all negativities. Naturally the team discussed with Catherine Chan, General Manager of the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA) for insights on jade and HKJJA agreed to sponsor the girls necessary jade and gemstones for their new work “Are we actually the masters of our own destiny?”


To many, jade not only can accessorise and be worn, but it also carries the protective function as a peace and luck talisman to calm us. People as well use jade to fight the evils and destiny. In the eyes of Kacey and Mickie, however it may seem like an act out of one’s free will to carry jade with them, the rationale behind is utterly abstract. This art piece is a dialogue between destiny, jade and self-will, one that deliberates what destiny and luck are in order to assess the effects of human resistance to these intangible powers out of free will.


The round shape of Ping An Kou symbolises moderation and union, it embodies the simple wishes of people. Jade is the treasure from nature, it carries the expectations of people entrusted to jade to defy their destiny through natural powers. The 12 pieces of Ping An Kou are engraved with lines of Fatalism and Free Will, reflecting on the human options between the passive act of seeking psychological comfort and the active making-do of the surrounding resources to help oneself. Each line projects its own stance, yet interacts with the rest. The work will also be showcased at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show under the pavilion of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) as an encouragement of their bold and artistic creation.






Design Graduate:

Ip Kiu, Kacey | 葉喬

Wong Wai Shan, Mickie | 黃瑋珊


Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association | 香港珠寶玉石廠商會

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association | 香港珠寶製造業廠商會有限公司



Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院