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Project Description




We all seem to have friends who are super fans of stationery, they have the habit of collecting different types of beautiful and useful stationery anytime and anywhere. The「DesignXcel」has very good news for the stationery lovers, because linked by the team, Sandy Cheng’s final-year project “Anergy” could be developed into a high-end product with the professional assistance of various collaborators including Little Jadeite, Mings 3D Solutions Ltd., Thingzcube 3D Printing Ltd. and Journalize.

The brand name of the pen “Anergy” stands for “anyone with energy”. Its body can be divided into the top, middle and bottom components, corresponding to the communication process of young people from different opinions (distorted square) to conflicts (knots) to consensus (spiral pen nib). As the little trick of shadow projection is incorporated into the pen nib, when tilted towards a certain angle under the light, the word “Anergy” will be projected on the paper as a shadow. This is an attitude she wishes to advocate among the youngsters: to actively discover one’s hidden potential to induce necessary changes.

As Mings 3D and Thingzcube were working on an upgraded version of Anergy’s 3D modelling and its technical details, the pen nib gave them quite a headache as currently there is no glass lasering technique yet. Major improvements suggested by the fine stationery retail store Journalize included the mortise and tenon mechanism for the nib and a soft buffer to be inserted within the nib structure to avoid prolonged friction. Sandy was also supported by Little Jadeite to explore possibilities to refine her pen with other challenging materials such as jadeite from Myanmar, in an attempt to further improve the appearance of the pen and its nib design. As jadeite is a material that becomes smoother and shinier with prolonged usage, hand-making the pen with jadeite for daily use will reinforce Anergy’s theme of communication.


「Anergy」代表「anyone with energy」,意指所有有能量的人。這個品牌的筆可分為上、中、下三部份,就像年輕人溝通過程中由意見分岐(扭曲的方形)到沖突(結)再到共識(螺旋筆尖)三個階段。筆尖巧妙的設計會在特定角度將文字投影在紙上,包含着鄭明珊提倡的態度:努力發掘潛能、作必要的改變。


Design Graduate:

Cheng Ming Shan, Sandy | 鄭明珊


Journalize | 文簿具社

Little Jadeite | 小玉舍

Mings 3D Solutions Limited | 明仕新科技有限公司

Thingzcube 3D Printing Ltd. | 形方三維打印有限公司



Product | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院